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Catherine Elizabeth Clay shares her secret on how to FUCK like a PORN STAR... YEAH BABY!!!

This is the definitive place to come if you would like to start saying:

"Baby, can I cum on your face?"

know that my easy steps have worked on thousands, maybe even millions of women across the world, and for you, fine reader, just for having access to the Internet, I want you to have this information


which is my brain tumor foundation... we need all the help we can get and if I teach you how to have a better sex life why shouldn't you want to help me out?

How can I start this without sounding so cheesy and pornographic? Now we all know about the facts of life, but what no one teaches you further is what there is to your own body and how it works. This a joy you get to figure out on your own, and since many people have an overwhelming fear of their bodies, and this society teaches us to be afraid of our sexuality, then this is a complicated lesson to learn indeed.

I hear women complain about not enjoying sex or I knew one girl who could just get up and finish in the middle of it. That sends me a clear message that she doesn't know how to fuck, but that the man she was with didn't know how to please her as well. After watching her in real life, I realized she wasn't comfortable with herself, and if you aren't comfortable in your body, how can you expect anyone else to be?

It's not that difficult, guys, (women do not need to be told this) just like you have a penis, we have a clit, and you go straight for that if you want fast results. As a matter of fact since we all start off as women in the womb you should think of your penis as an overgrown clit. (I know I might be a wee bit sexist but if you were a woman growing up in an oppressive male dominated society and you realized that you were the one that has the majority of responsibilities shoved on your shoulders and you get paid 1/3 less than your idiotic male counterparts you would be just a little pissed too)

However, having an ejaculating female writhing under your arms uncontrollably is a totally different sensation. Not just for you but for her as well.

It would be nice to make this a special evening for you both because the sensation she will have will be unlike any she has ever experienced. When it first starts to happen, you don't know how to think or what to feel because this is whole different way of knowing your body. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself, you may not get it on the first try, but I guarantee that if you are ready for this, you will have fun trying.

Ladies, you need to know your body and not be afraid of asking for pleasure from your partner. Just relax and enjoy his or her touch. Have a glass of wine, get high or do whatever you can loosen up. Take a hot bath, so all your muscles are relaxed. Make sure you use the bathroom so there is no doubt that you didn't urinate.

The orgasms you experience with FE are different then the clitoral stimulation. They are more all body orgasms that do different things to different people.

To get a feel for where the G-spot is, you are going to have to have her comfortably positioned on her back. Lubrication is essential so try to be passionate and not so technical and make sure you have an abundance of towels ready. Reach up inside of her with your palm facing the ceiling. This is where one embarrassing moment may come for you girls because you are going to have to bear down on him as if you were trying to expel something from your body, and your body will respond in kind... in other words, flatulence is inevitable when you are a beginner.

So you will have your hand in her and as she bears down on you fingers, you will feel a piece inside her pop out. Chances are she doesn't know it's there because she has never been stimulated in such a manner, and it's not that easy to find on your own. When you feel that part of her pop out, feel it out and just rub your fingertips all over it. Just rub and rub and rub and she will get this overwhelming sensation to pee, but that's not pee, that's the fluid that's going to allow you to cum on their face. It doesn't come out like pee, it doesn't always smell like pee, and it doesn't taste like pee or have the consistency either.

Allow your body to release that fluid and you have had your first female ejaculatory orgasm. Sometimes you can cum like a trickle, other times you can cum like a fountain, and still others you can cum like a fucking damn has been released, which is why you need the towels.

And it's not like a clitoral orgasm, either. If you are doubling up and stimulating her with your hand and your mouth, then she will have two very different kinds of orgasms.

The eventual goal of this procedure is to teach her about her own body and to press down when you are penetrating her and she will never have to lie or fake another orgasm as long as she lives. When you penetrate her and her G-spot is active, you will both feel sensations that regular fucking won't because you are using your bodies in a different way.

She will be bearing down on you and you have to push harder to get in and as you tap the head of your penis on her G-Spot, well, you tell me how it works for you!

If you would like personal instruction I will teach you the Gentle Art of Female Ejaculation.

* to tell me how it works for you or if you have any tips!

January 17, 1999

I have just recently learned how to ejaculate and my boyfriend was freaking out because he said it wasn't coming from my vagina. The next time I watched and was pretty worried because it was coming from my urethra. I came online tonight to find out what was going on with my body and if I have been pissing on my boyfriend. Your article really helped me put it into perspective where all the medical based articles just freaked me out even more. Thank you very much. 12/03

at the risk of sounding like a dork, i need some help... i have/had never experienced female ejaculation, BUT tonight while i was having sex with my three month parter, i think i may done it... but is it possible to ejaculate and not even know it, all i really felt was the fluid hitting us both and he swears he didnt ejaculate... sorry if this is a stupid question, just curious because i feel different now than i usually do... 12/03

Thank you!!! I tried your technique and I finally had my first FE! Wonderful!!! 12/03

well we tried it amazing!!!!! the only problem is you dont have any instuctions to turn the thing off please start that chapter a.s.a.p. 12/03

The first time I ever "gushed' as I call it, the guy I was with thought I had peed all over him. It took me close to 4 years to ever do it again. I talked to my gyno, and she gave me a website to visit, and ever since I have been on a quest to learn more and to love the fact that I naturally ejaculate. Thank you for embracing this so that women don't have to feel ashamed or self concious. 11/03

I'm 25 years old and my boyfriend is 20. When we first starting dating, all I had to do was blow on his cock and he was hard and ready to come in minutes. His cock never goes down. I read up on your technique and had him try it on me and "OH MY GOD" I wanted to get off thinking I had to go pee. He pulled me down on him harder and told me no. He loved what it felt like. Now every time we have sex, he makes sure I have a G-Spot orgasm. Thank you.10/03

I'm very orgasmic & ejaculute all the time when sexually stimulated...a lot. Towels and a waterproof mattress cover aren't enough & my couch, carpet & floor need protection too. I enjoy my sexuality, but wish I could control it more & want to know more about what it is and what % of urine..., 'cuz among other things, I'm concerned about creating an odor in my home. I'm divorced & dating, so I also worry about feaking men out, if this is new to them.10/03

Thanks so much for the information. I tried the techniques on my wife and she went crazy gushing (more like a water cannon) all over the place. This has reinvigorated our sex life. We can't get enough. She is 52, me 48 and are acting like teenagers doing it multiple times per day. Tonight we are going to try to get her flowing all over my face....I can't wait ~Bill 5/03

Squirting pussy is a good thing.This has helped me hone my abilities!~Anon 8/02

That was very educational without being smutty. Real cool.~ Anon 8/2002

Just thanking you for telling me what this is and that it's ok. My OB-GYN actually laughed at me when I asked him about it and he said...oh you're in the lucky 10 or 20 percent of women who can do that. But he told me nothing about it. I'm 44 and through years of learning through my husband's touch what it takes...we have the most intense experiences because of this! And they only get better which completely astounds me. I've always been curious and never knew how to find out what it was, I knew it wasn't urine and just recently heard it called female ejaculation. Surfing the web I did find more information now. You'd think I'd be more educated about this, but I've been married a long time and just lived under a rock I think! Now we finally captured her exploding with our digital camera, something I've never seen, only felt. WOW that truly is amazing. Good luck helping women learn how to have this, there's just nothing else like it in the world, is there!?!? ~ Anon 8/02

girl, i think dis site's the shit!this world needs alotta opinionated beezotches like us~ i masturbate daily and i don't know if dats kinna too much but i tell myself too much's never enuff:)~ i even make my boyfrend sit on the side of the bed and watch me masturbate before we do it. i think it's pretty cool not being afraid to reach down there and go deep and experiment our bodies....0ne Luv.... ~paCific_isLandcHickahhh 8/02

I can squirt from clitoral stimulation too. i cum like a fountain, it goes and goes, i got the pillow and my legs. its all a new thing too. i cant even control it anymore. any thoughts? 8/02

Let it flow let it flow let it flow! When I am especially excited I can make myself come like this too. It's the hottest experience!

Great info on finding and manipulating the g spot. Short stroking with her legs up and ass supported by a pillow sets up the perfect angle. The head of the cock can massage the spot and one can actually feel it swell before letting loose. Great feeling on the cock too! Many women I have been with either all ready knew about this special treat of squirting, or we learned it together for their first time. Patience, listening to her, no pressure or expectations will help ease her into the fun. Once she has done it the first time, they keep cumming back for more! ~Steve

great advice~Faeisha 7/02

My partner will NOT let me give her oral, and i dont know how to convince her ti is GOOD for her. Any suggestions? please help ~Mike

You have got to let her relax. Light some candles, GO REALLY SLOW. Rub her thighs up and down until she is very excited and wants to feel you inside of her. Deny her that pleasure and tell her you want to taste her and to feel her soft, tender flesh inside your mouth. Tell her what a turn on it is for you and that if she would let you in her you will give her wild pleasure.

Glad to see acknowledgment that ejaculatory response is a different type of orgasm. I can have an ejac response through playing with a partners penis w no simultaneous physical stimulus for me. But an orgasm through vaginal stimulation is very different. Of course, I have had an ejac. through vaginal intercourse and G-spot stimulation also.Appreciate your site. ~Anon 6/02

I am so glad that I have found this sight. Until now I knew about the "G-spot" but never knew how to have an orgasm by stimulating it.. I have not tried it yet with my man and I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on the best way to try it with myself first. Much love to you and blessings~Pris 6/02

We are filming a documentary series on Sex and Sexual Health for the BBC and are very keen to speak to Catherine E Clay and any females who have experienced female ejaculation with a view to perhaps setting up an interview on the topic. ~BBC 5/02

Well, what can I say besides "thank you." I did it!~Anon

A was having sex with a friend and she got the whole bed wet... I was puzzled, it was great but did not know what it was... Now I have made my wife and her friends and mine squirt.~Anon

My Gurl asked me to go here and we have been using the skillz we learnt from this page. The results have been very very good ;) she squirts like crazy.~ Ray 4/02

Thank you for your great information. I have never ejaculated but have felt the urge to urinate during sex. Will be putting your advise to good use!~Anon

I had an experience with a girl who could squirt (more like gush!) and I found it intensely erotic. The fact that it was unexpected made it even wilder.
We were in such a position that she was kind of straddling my boobs--she had been rubbing herself on me and then she raised up a little. I put two fingers inside her then, and stroked with a kind of "come here" motion, bringing my fingers up along the ceiling of her vagina, towards me almost all the way out. She loved this, so I continued, and she reached back and was playing with my pussy. Suddenly her whole body shook and I felt this something running down hand. I took my fingers out and she showered me with fluid, all over my chest. It was definitely not pee, and I was super-turned on.
She admitted later she has done this before, and we talked about it. I have tried it during masturbation and it's hit or miss with me. Sometimes I cum a little, once I had several streams come pulsing out. It feels wonderful!
My dream is to be with her again and have her cum right on my face. Once we do, I'll write back and tell you how it tastes!

my Master would like me to learn how to do this and i want to please Him. ~Missy

Thanks for the great orgasmic experience, it was one i will truly never FORGET in my life!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!~James 4/02

Love your F.E. Site. My experience to get my partner to ejaculate is after having sex for a while she is so receptive and ready for further stimulation I ask her to mount me in a sitting position while I lie on my back. She does all the work but I can tell you that the fluid that comes out is much hotter than the rest of her body and has the taste and consistency of tears.
Xoxox ~ Peter

I enjoyed the report and since I have been providing this well kept secret to women since I discovered it in 1986 I have amazed even my self. They would say oh my god. Any lady needing my help experiencing this I am glad to be of services. SHH your letting my secret out. LOL~Benjamin Capital

from Elise on July 12, 1999
A FE tip: I knew I had the ability to ejaculate, but couldn't overcome the embarrassment/retention factor, so I used a dildo - the kind with a very defined tip for the rubbing sensation - in the bathtub. Ejaculating on my own in a place where I knew I wouldn't have to be concerned about anything, especially the torrential rain, helped me overcome my hesitation. I highly recommend it for anyone who is having a tough time letting go. For me, it takes way longer to ejaculate than it does to cum. If my partner gets tired, I grab her wrist and help her out. Patience truly is a virtue, or, lend a hand.

Sometimes I wish I had the same problem, Elise. I'm like a water fountain though... you walk up to me or push my button and I squirt. Sometimes I get the deep oh-my-god-I-just-broke-a-damn orgasm but that usually only happens with deep, constant penetration.

And I am all about lending a hand. You have how many millions of nerves down there? If you are all about pleasing a woman you should encourage her to stimulate her clit while she is being penetrated so you get more bang for your buck. Not only will she be more juicy but she will enjoy herself a lot more.

from Cassex on December 10, 1999
When I first stumbled upon this page, I figured that this was a load of hogwash and that you could only have a clitoral orgasm. But..During a night of ABSOLUTELY GREAT sex with my man, I found out there WAS a different kind of orgasm. I seriously thought I was going to pee on him, because I swear to God that's what it felt like I was going to do. But instead of using the bathroom, I had the most intense orgasm I've ever had. And then I had another and another and another, so on and so forth. I wasn't totally sure that this was the "G-spot" orgasm, so I came back. Well, it was, and now..Well, clitoral orgams just aren't as good as they used to be. Now he knows where to touch and play, and I know I'll be a happy camper. Thanks for the info!

When I get a letter like this I get tears in my eyes and my chest swells and then I know I am doing the right thing. Letters like this are what keep me going so that all girls can know just how great FE is!

Thanks for your tip and if anyone else out there has one... just e-mail


The BBC Interview!



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