I had brain surgery on September 26, 1990, 4 months before the doctors finally figured out that my sister, Anne, had leukemia. I personally think it is cool because not too many people can say they have had brain surgery even though my neurosurgeon told me it was a common thing, an arachnoid cyst that is.

Maybe this accounts for my personality and why I am the way I am. I haven't really done too much research on what happens to people with this kind of problem, although my ex-best friend told me that where this this was, it effects some stuff, but I don't really give a fuck.

If you are asking yourself how did I find out that I had my very own arachnoid cyst, I'll tell you. This is a funny story, so you are allowed to laugh.

Anne, me, and Mom were in the basement fixing the garage door for winter. Mom, still on Chemo, didn't have the strength to hold the garage door open any longer (Anne was doing what she does best, standing there looking pretty). The door swung back and hit me in the head, and I passed out for a few minutes.

I started getting migraines. So I ended up at the neurologist. All the preliminary tests were normal. Then they did a cat-scan (meow-meow) and low and behold, there was my cyst, just waiting to be discovered. I was lucky, I guess that it wasn't discovered in a car accident, (just think of what kind of mess that could have made!)

Now, most people would not have been happy. I was so glad that I could leave high school now, and with doctors permission! Granted, having a cyst in your brain isn't one of the most desirable ways to go about this feat, but it was certainly effective.

So, Dr. Englehard went inside my sinuses, asperated my cyst, and pumped it back up with air...So now I'm an air head. HA HA HA. Sad to say, he's the only man that has ever really touched my mind. HA HA HA. The only problem I have besides a migraine everyday, is when I go too deep into water, or ride in an airplane, I feel a little strange, like there is extra pressure..."They" say it has nothing to do with the brain surgery...but maybe...I have an alien living inside that bubble now!